Copy2Clip by Davide Ficano
What is Copy2Clip: Copy2Clip enables you to copy file names from Windows Explorer, by simply selecting one or more files, and selecting Copy2Clip from the right click menu.
The program can copy the file names in a variety of different patterns, using the full name with path, just the name, file names with sizes and more.
The copied names can also be sorted by size or time, and you can create your own patterns using the provided variables.
Copy2Clip can be very useful for creating batch files or to quickly convert file information into specific formats.
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From SendTo context menu select file names to copy and click on item Copy Names to clip
Copy using SendTo menu
Holding down control key while sending file names it's possible to choose how to format filenames.
Copy2Clip dialog window
  • You can extract only directory names to use inside a batch.
  • You can format path name to Unix format or what you want.
  • You can create your own pattern and set as default, so you don't need to show dialog every time to apply it.
What's new in version 1.0.6
  • A simple installer, no more inf file
  • Simplified access to most recent used items
  • Use keyboard to edit items
    F2 edit selected pattern name
    F3 edit selected format text
  • You can extract file date and/or time
    You can select day, month, year, hour, minute and more...
  • You can format the file size in kilobytes or to the nearest size
  • GUI more powerful, now it's possible to insert pattern
    choosing it from a menu.
    Copy2Clip patterns menu